Makes me proud

What Makes You Proud?

Lately I’ve been busy balancing my life with work and my baby that I barely had time for myself- including this blog. So in case you’re wondering why I haven’t been online these past weeks, now you know.

My baby who is so busy with school- to think he’s just in Kindergarten now- will have his first school program today. He’ll be dancing ‘Eto Na Naman’ by Gary V. and to say he’s excited is an understatement. At school, he dances; at home, he practice; and he even memorized the chorus of the song.

Yesterday, they had their general practice in the stage. And half of the school were watching. Most of the kids won’t let go of their Mom’s hands and were afraid to go up the stage. But my baby? He went straight up, took his place (he’s at the front row) and smiled at me. At first I thought he will cry because of how he looked at all the people around him. But when he looked at me and I waved at him, he finally smiled :)

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Why Learn Self- Defense?

Lately I’ve been busy learning a new skill- self- defense. I’ve been meaning to do this ever since college but I never had the time, not to mention I can’t afford to pay for it back then. But now that I have enough time and money, finally I’m ready for the next level 8-)

I think of it as improving myself- especially physically. Why do I want to learn this? Simple- I don’t want to depend to other people when it comes to protecting myself and my baby. I want to be super girl. Whatever :lol: By the way, I’m taking boxing and mixed martial arts lessons.

We all know how dangerous our world is nowadays, especially for women. But I think everyday news is not enough for people to understand that they need to look out for themselves at all times whether they’re alone or even with somebody else. And I noticed that most people today spend their time looking down… looking down at their phones. Texting, looking at pictures or videos or calling someone, not paying attention to what’s going around them at all. I admit I do that sometimes but only when I really have to answer a text or a call. I grew up with my Mom being too paranoid to use her phone in public so I guess I got that from her.

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The Haunting Dream

It’s the dream again. The same dream that haunts me for years. Only now the people around us and the scene is different. But the face still remains- it’s him again.

I can’t remember the last time I dreamt of him. But the feeling that overwhelmed me when I woke up is still the same. It’s seems like it only happened yesterday.

It has been years since I last saw him. I’m not even sure if it was really him that we met at the street. I just saw him in the corner of my eyes. No- maybe the right words for it was that… I was too scared to look at him. But my heart knew it’s him. Until now- after all these years- my heart still knows that feeling.

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First Date Ideas to Help You Get A Second Date

Last week, I stumbled upon a movie on my new favorite application on my phone- it’s the GOM Cinema. It has lots of movies from different genre and even from way back 90’s. I’m not promoting it, but yeah, it’s worth a try though I’ll tell you now it often crashes. Anyway, the movie I watched was ’50 First Dates’ starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. I loved the story and how Henry (Adam) tried to make Lucy (Drew) fall in love with him every day. Seriously, is that kind of guy really exists? ;) So I’m itching to write this post as soon as I finished watching the movie but unfortunately, and as usual, my schedule didn’t permit it.

Long pauses. Awkward silences. Accidentally bringing up your ex and how badly she broke your heart. These are the things men dread happening during a first date. Unfortunately, many guys set themselves up for failure and uncomfortable situations by trying so damn hard to play by the dating rules. You put on your best clothes (I’m sure you’d pick the branded and expensive ones), pick her up at her place and do the whole wine-and-dine routine. And what do you get? Two people bored to tears, trying to think of something to say until the basket of bread arrives. Boring first date ideas make for awkward, cringe-inducing dates.

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Dating Single Parents

I’ve been thinking about this for some time now- going back to dating. To try and let other people in on my life again and just take a chance. It will not be easy- I know there will be lots of adjustments for both me and my baby but I’m not getting any younger. And honestly, I’m missing the feeling of having that someone in my life again. You know, it’s not just the physical intimacy but more of the ‘company’. I think it is usually what single parents like me lacks and needs- someone to accompany us.

So I think it’s not surprising now that there are more and more single people with children who are making their way onto the dating scene. Some people might be hesitant to date someone with a child or children. Is it a good idea or a bad one? It depends on the circumstances.

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What’s with This Sibling Rivalry?

They say you’re lucky if you are the only child of your parents because you will have all their attention and love. But some say it’s better to have siblings because you will always have someone to cry to and share your problems with.

Me? I have two older brothers (though I OFTEN feel like I am their older sister since both of them are quite childish) :D When I was still young, I used to wish I were an only child. With all their annoying antics, the endless tasks their giving me all throughout the day and how they tease me when I’m in front of my crush, seriously, sometimes I hate them for that. But through the years, I’ve learned to appreciate them. Blame it on the age gap I guess :P

And let’s face it, some kids (and grown- ups as well) still have this issue of sibling rivalry. I think its common especially on twins. And now that I’m a mom, good thing I only have one baby, I still experience the ‘rivalry’ scenario between my baby and my nephew who is just a year older than my son. Both of them are boys and yeah, being the only aunt my nephew has I really have to be fair in treating them. I want them to be best friends so I want them to grow up close. Here are some things I think parents or even relatives should do to stop or prevent rivalries between family members:

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Traveling

It’s been a while since I last visited this blog- I’ve been very busy preparing for my baby’s schooling and traveling too. I’ve been out of town for almost a week with my family. We went to our province to visit my relatives since they are celebrating their town fiesta. We had so much fun and it’s nice to be away from the city’s noise and pollution too once in a while.

We went to several places meeting tons of my relatives (not to mention I have several grandchildren by blood!)- and too bad I can’t remember all their names. I’m not good at remembering names or even faces of people. Since I’m near- sighted I have to see them thrice or maybe five times to remember their faces. ;)

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A ‘May- December’ Affair- When Age Doesn’t Matter

‘Age doesn’t matter.’ We often hear it from couples who has a big age gap. But is age really not a factor to consider when choosing your partner?

In any mature relationship, the highest priority tends to be how compatible we are with our mate.

Everyone wants to have a partner that makes them feel understood, appreciated and cared for. And it sometimes happens that you find this kind of compatibility with a person you never would have expected. For example, what if the person you love is a decade or two older (or younger) than you are?

While we may think “love conquers all” there are some common issues that couples with wide age gaps face. I think here are some of those issues these couples might encounter.

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What Matters More- Looks or Personality?

One of my favorite Wattpad books was seen on the big screen a few weeks ago- ‘Diary ng Panget’ (Diary of an Ugly). It was one of the first books I’ve read and when it was printed in series of books, I bought it again :) The story was quite cliché but what I liked the most was the humor in it. How the lead girl Eya went through her Cinderella- like life with a smile on her face and eventually found her Prince with her mean but super cute boss Cross. Though she’s not that physically attractive, her personality made two guys fall head over heels on her. And it made me think, could this be possible in real life?

What do you think guys like in a girl? Is it the look or the personality? Do men prefer pretty girls to smart girls with a great personality or is it the other way around? Are guys as superficial as we think they are? Or do men want a woman with more substance than just a pretty face? We all have our assumptions about the look versus personality debate, but which of the two really wins in the male mind?

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