Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays everyone! I will be quite busy these holiday season so I will keep this short. I just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas (sorry, I know it’s late) ;) and a Happy New Year! I’m surprised to see the number of my blog’s followers growing. And I’m thankful to each of you who took the time to read my posts.

And now as we welcome another year- 2014- I want to share this beautiful poem about life. My best friend sent me it to me last Christmas and she said this is not for me. Yeah, you’re confused too, right? She gave it to me but the poem wasn’t intended for me. I told you I have crazy friends :lol: Peace bhez! But anyway, thank you for this! I know you’re quite busy to even write on a stationary paper, which was so old school by the way, and give this to me so I’m honestly touched.

Forever It Won’t Last

Have you ever realized?

That you missed so much in life.

Do you live just to live?

Just to be called alive..??

Have you ever forgotten?

And let a great friendship die,

Just because you didn’t had time

And you forgot to say hi…

Do you realize?

You are heading so fast.

This one life you have

Forever it won’t last…

Ever felt the drops,

The rain slapping the ground

Ever bothered to touch

And gather the moments around..??

Ever noticed the feel

On that innocent face,

All they want is a part of your time

But you are hurried to win the race.

You often dance on the music,

The one playing somewhere behind,

Have you ever heard the voice?

Calling you from your inner side.

Slow down a bit,

And shower your love to all.

Don’t run so fast,

This one life you have

Forever it won’t last…

Life is a temporary gift. Yes it is temporary, but still, don't forget that it is God's gift.

Life is a temporary gift. Yes it is temporary, but still, don’t forget that it is God’s gift.

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One thought on “Happy Holidays!

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