Class Reunion: To Go Or Not To Go?

One of my Facebook groups has been very active lately, it’s my High school batch group. They were planning on having a big reunion since this year will be our 10th year anniversary as graduates. Did I say ‘they’? Yes, most of my batch mates weren’t really that excited to this reunion. I think including myself. Why? Because they will include all the classes from our batch which I think will only make the venue too crowded. And I don’t know if I want to see some of those faces again :lol:

No, just kidding, the reason why I won’t be able to attend is that it is my baby’s birthday- of course, he is my priority. So my friends and I were planning on a separate reunion just for our class. And that’s where I’m excited. I haven’t seen them for years and it will be fun to relive all those fun, crazy moments again.

My best friend who is also my batch mate but from a different class told me she’s hesitating if she would attend the reunion or not. She says she doesn’t want people to look down at her because of her job, status, and so on, so forth. I told her this is not a job interview, there are no qualifications or requirements for you to go. Just have fun with your old friends. There are more things to talk about; besides real friends won’t care who you are and what you’ve become.

High School Reunion

After 10 long years…

It is always interesting to see how people have changed, stayed the same, moved on, stayed put, still “stuck-up” or are generally happy or struggle with their lives. We find it fascinating and yet it may be difficult if you learn that former classmates are facing their own personal troubles. But, ultimately, everyone comes together not knowing what to expect, yet wanting to catch up and enjoy the ambiance our youth for a few hours.

Reunions give us these moments in time to experience. We get to revisit and reunite with friends and classmates we otherwise may not have the opportunity or ability to see. More often than not, we don’t get such chances to connect with old friends- except on Facebook of course- and to see them all personally is such a rare occasion.

Why should reunions be important in our lives? I believe they give us important periodic assessments of our own lives. To see if we are living up to our personal expectations and desires. If not, perhaps it encourages us reevaluate and readjust. Conversely, we may realize that we are happy with our lives, friends and abilities and decide to accept and try not to worry about what we still haven’t accomplished.

Try to realize that people and situations are constantly changing. Just like life, expect the unexpected, but make your moments count.

Too bad I won’t be able to see those people again who somehow became a part of me too. A part of my youth. Perhaps another time- I hope :-)

People change but memories don't.

People change but memories don’t.

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